Celebrating Marriage in Lynchburg, Va

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Jon and I hit a milestone this past week that we’re excited about- our 25th wedding anniversary! We’re having a great time as a married couple and decided to celebrate our joy from December to March! That’s okay, right?

We spent our actual anniversary night at the amazing Sanderling Resort in Duck, NC. Click here to read that post on Renee Beamer Harbor and Home.

Knowing we had a friend’s wedding to attend in Lynchburg a few days later, we planned another getaway in the historic district, and we are so glad we did! There are great running trails along the waterfront, and we had a lot of fun exploring new territory.

We highly recommend Craddock Terry Hotel in Historic Lynchburg. The former shoe factory has been reinvented as a perfect spot for couples seeking a romantic setting. They really pay attention to details, and the southern hospitality is evident. I was quite taken by the system used to deliver room service to guests: I indicated on the card my desire to have breakfast and left it with the wooden shoeshine box outside the door, and in the morning I was treated to a wonderful spread of fruit, yogurt, brie, jams and a croissant. Yummy! {My hubby prefers a more substantial breakfast, so we headed to Market at Main after the morning run!}

Another hotel perk is their full size bath products. Very nice!


Our adventuring in Lynchburg included more than some great outdoor time. Because I’m married to the man that I am, CARS had to be a part of the fun! {Jon asked the owner of this Lamborghini if he could take a pic to share with our son.} We stumbled upon a storefront showcasing refurbished classics and learned that the antique car enthusiast’s collection extends beyond this building and city! Jon was awed by the report of multiple buildings that utilize car elevators and house hundreds of vintage vehicles.


To our friends, the Bouldin family, Grace, and her husband of one day- thank you for including us in your momentous celebration! May this first day be a foretelling of the wonder of marriage that will capture your hearts all the years to come!


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