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Marriage in the Spotlight

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The MARRIAGE BUILDING EVENT is happening October 3-4, but prior to that, we have additional opportunities to focus on what God desires to do in our relationships. Renee Marrige web banner

Starting August 27 and ending October 5, the Family Foundation leads the faithful in a 40- day fast for marriages. Join with others in this time of consecrating your hearts to the Lord God and entrusting Him to create greater unity in your marriage. Click here for more information.

Don’t miss The Song in theaters September 26. A modern-day retelling of the Song of Solomon, the film depicts a marriage in trouble and the road to restoration. Click here for the website link.

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Prayer Changes Us

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You are all in, but your spouse is…. well, disinterested.

We all understand how it feels when there’s disunity, when hopes for being of one mind and spirit in marriage go unfulfilled. To where do we take our disappointment and confusion?


Before we run to the counsel of a friend or loved one, we must give the matter to God and let Him sort it out in our hearts. Through the practice of surrendering our desire to the Father, we experience His great power to cleanse us of selfishness, to increase the work of patience in us, and to change the hearts of others.

The next time you come to a place of disagreement in your marriage, do not look upon it as a roadblock. See it as the open door that it is- to know God’s heart for you!

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Watch this video!

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It’s the first one of its kind! The Marriage Building Event- October 3-4 at Warwick Assembly of God in Hampton, VA.

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Working with marriages can be tricky. Relationships involve many angles, and each angle is deserving inspection.

We all can experience greater relational health by recognizing we don’t always get it right. We sometimes fail to bring our best into the marriage. In that humble mind-set, can we trust that God forgives us and offers us a fresh start? Can we believe for trust to be rebuilt? Can we aim for the high mark of Christ in how we love one another?

Come to the Marriage Building Event expecting to reposition yourselves in the center of God’s truth. His plan is to promote an increase of your love for one another and for everyone else. It’s going to be a dynamic encounter of the Lord’s grace for your marriage. It’s going to be a time of increase!

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We Want to Hear From You!

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We’re Breaking Ground!

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Coming from a long history of home-building experience, I can say that the start of a new build project is always exciting! The moving of trees and dirt to prepare the lot, the heavy machinery bringing in cement for the foundation, and my favorite, the smell of fresh-cut lumber, all lend themselves to a multi-sensory engagement into something new.

Jon and I are feeling the same way about the “Increase” Marriage Building Event coming to Virginia’s Hampton Roads Area this fall! We’re breaking new ground on this project, and we look forward to the entire journey that leads to marriages built up in the strength of our Lord Jesus Christ. But, we’re not stopping there! We are challenging husbands and wives to look beyond the walls of their homes to see God’s divine purpose in uniting them to touch the world with His love and power!

You won’t want to miss this event! Registration begins soon!

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