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Do It For Your Marriage

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Trinity Broadcast Network is giving away trips to Israel every week this year, and that means there is still an opportunity to win during the months of November and December. Joseph Prince will be a part of the ten-day tour that is also open to any traveler who wants to pay to join! He specifically believes for troubled marriages to experience water being turned into new wine in their relationship if they will only go and allow the Lord to speak to their hearts while touring the Holy Land. Even though a trip of this magnitude may be out of your price range, he encourages you to pray and ask the Lord for it, because He will make a way!

Can I share my “Amen” to that last statement? I was the very first winner of the Grace 2016 Tour to Israel! I entered to win on Sunday, January 4 and was contacted on Wednesday, January 7!!!! That was not luck; it is and will always be the favor of God! I had been researching tours that very weekend even though my husband assured me that a trip to Israel was not in the current budget. But just like Pastor Prince said, “God will make a way.”

Check out the G 2016 Tour offered by TBN for more information.

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We Celebrated Marriage!

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The Marriage Building Event is grateful for the photography services of Whitney Lee. Thank you, Whitney, for providing us with beautiful pictures!

We Believe in Your Marriage

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We really believe in your marriage, and, at the same time, we believe that this event holds something amazing in store for your relationship. Sure, there are some little and fun things that will happen, but there are some really important and good things that no husband and wife should miss. We just don’t know how to emphasize it enough. YOU and YOUR SPOUSE should definitely come.

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Date Night

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The Restore 2015 Marriage Building Event helps couples to strengthen their marriage. If your marriage is strong, aim to make it even stronger. If you and your spouse are experiencing some challenges, let’s gain some tools to navigate the road to restoration more clearly.

We’re kicking off Friday night with dessert and coffee. Come and enjoy a shared refreshing in a relaxing atmosphere!

Strengthen me with raisins, refresh me with apples, for I am faint with love

(Song of Songs 2:5).

How Do I Know if My Spouse and I Should Go?

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How to Investigate a Conference and Determine Your Participation Status 101

My goodness, this post might be the very first of its kind! I’m going to google it just to find out! 

As the Marriage Building Event host, I want to share with the public that I understand all the thought process required in committing to conference attendance. Not only am I in full-speed planning mode for a weekend catered to husbands and wives, but I am also investigating a conference for writers taking place a short two weeks after this one! I have been studying, praying and weighing the investment of hundreds of dollars, travel across two states, and days spent apart from my family. 

If you need some help with your decision-making, the following list may help!

  1. Determine interest level in the topic discussed.
  2. Check calendar for availability.
  3. Calculate total cost and compare with personal budget allowances for special events.
  4. Pray with confidence that God orders the steps of the righteous.
  5. Revisit promotional material and note the date for an increase in registration fee.
  6. Check hotel for availability.
  7. Read insights from previous years’ attendees.
  8. Look at website to see who will be speaking and their area of specialty.
  9. Consider childcare options, if needed.
  10. Determine if the conference topic is truly worth your investment.
  11. Commit. If it’s yes, register and reserve hotel. If it’s no, let it go and move on!

Hope this helps. I may be a little biased, but I don’t think you’ll ever regret being intentional about building your marriage! It’s $30/person (if you wait until the sale starting 9/20), not half of your monthly income. It’s October 2-3, a Friday evening and Saturday morning- very doable. And childcare? We’ve got that covered. Bring the littles with you! Yes, we had one couple drive about 500 miles last year, but chances are, the majority of our attendees are local, so you won’t have to factor in fuel or major travel expenses. So what are you waiting for? The sale to start? Good plan!

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You Don’t Want to Miss This Event!

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Those who participated in the MARRIAGE BUILDING EVENT last year got on social media afterwards and made it known, “If you missed it this time, you don’t want to miss it next year!”

One couple could not make it work with their schedule, and they were so disappointed! When this year’s event registration time came, they realized they again have a conflict! Yesterday, that changed! They are registered, and, after a year of waiting, will be in attendance at Restore 2015!

Watch this video update to see why it’s true: you don’t want to miss this event!

Click here to watch.

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It’s the Weekend!

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Jon and I wish you a relaxing weekend of celebrating the final summer holiday! We’re on the beautiful coast of North Carolina but would feel like less than friends if we only played in the ocean and failed to remind you that today is the last day to get the Early Registration Rate for the upcoming Restore 2015 MARRIAGE BUILDING EVENT weekend! See Attend Event on the Menu Bar and take advantage of the savings!

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