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Can we be alert for opportunities to create spontaneity in our marriages? I believe the Holy Spirit is making this plea to us. We all need to enjoy unplanned moments. It speaks freshness and renewal.


Do you see that big pillow on the hotel bed in the picture? That thing inspired us to have a pillow fight. You don’t plan for a pillow fight; it just happens. Boy was it fun! Laughing and yelling, “Stop it”… My husband bracing himself for a blow from my handling an oversized, stuffed beam… It really felt good to let him have it! I’m still laughing!

Marriage is an earthly picture of the heavenly reality. Jesus and His Church are one. And just like we don’t want a formulated marriage void of spontaneity, neither should our relationship with the Lord be boring. The Holy Spirit is always moving and inspiring a new work within us, so let’s be spontaneous with Him!

Arise, come, my darling; my beautiful one, come with me” (Song of Songs 2:13).


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