Do It For Your Marriage

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Trinity Broadcast Network is giving away trips to Israel every week this year, and that means there is still an opportunity to win during the months of November and December. Joseph Prince will be a part of the ten-day tour that is also open to any traveler who wants to pay to join! He specifically believes for troubled marriages to experience water being turned into new wine in their relationship if they will only go and allow the Lord to speak to their hearts while touring the Holy Land. Even though a trip of this magnitude may be out of your price range, he encourages you to pray and ask the Lord for it, because He will make a way!

Can I share my “Amen” to that last statement? I was the very first winner of the Grace 2016 Tour to Israel! I entered to win on Sunday, January 4 and was contacted on Wednesday, January 7!!!! That was not luck; it is and will always be the favor of God! I had been researching tours that very weekend even though my husband assured me that a trip to Israel was not in the current budget. But just like Pastor Prince said, “God will make a way.”

Check out the G 2016 Tour offered by TBN for more information.

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