Meet Ray and Jacqueline Owensby

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The MARRIAGE BUILDING EVENT is excited to announce that Ray and Jacqueline Owensby will be speaking in the Friday night session, and that means we will be blessed! These two have passion- a true power couple! They have been to various places, have met a lot of people, have served in many ministry capacities, and they still keep seeking God’s heart for more of His kingdom and His righteousness! Their partnership in ministry, M.O.R. (Ministry of Reign), enables them to “Build People to Activate Purpose and Reign in Life.” I hope that it is clear- Ray and Jacqueline are also passionate for YOU!

Right now, our speakers are praying for you who will attend Restore 2015! You may not even know that you’re attending, but the Holy Spirit foreknows all who will register, and He is tailoring a message that will meet you where you are! God is always speaking, and the Marriage Building Team is confident that for all of us who position ourselves, we will hear from heaven and strengthen our marriages!

Does anyone else need a boost? Am I the only one who knows I’m not living up to the fullest potential of God’s love within me? Are you also praying about how to honor your spouse more?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, please know that you’re not alone! Let’s come together this fall and experience the love of God that miraculously restores our hope and families!

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