Families Strengthen the Nation

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The Marriage Building Event celebrates America’s freedom all of July with prayers for a united nation under God. We believe that God has positioned families in their communities and cities to stand in the gap and serve as ambassadors of the kingdom of light. We encourage God’s people to not grow discouraged by the increase of immorality in the land, because as long as we, His light-bearers, remain, the threat of total darkness will not come to pass! In fact, we are God’s anointed servants equipped by His holy power to reclaim our families, communities and country for the glory of God! FRIENDS, we fight from VICTORY! Jesus took back the keys from the enemy and commissioned His followers to bring heavenly realities to the earth. What gives a landowner the right to evict squatters along with their  lawless acts of drug abuse and prostitution? He owns the land!!! Of course he clears out the trespassers and restores his nature {righteousness & justice} to the property. In the same way, we unite in prayer, releasing eviction notices to the powers of darkness.

Would you join the Marriage Building Event team each day in the month of July in declaring America One Nation Under God? Will you pray for your community? Look for daily posts on Marriage Building (Facebook) and Marriage Build (Twitter) starting July 4!



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