Wives, take note!

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When Scripture describes a wife’s character as noble, I want to know exactly what that means, don’t you? According to AMG Old Testament Lexical Aids, the original Hebrew term, hayil, “signifies military might.”

The wife of noble character is her husband’s crown (Proverbs 12:4).

She has strength that bestows honor on another.

You have it too. Every time you successfully hold your tongue when tempted to mouth off, you demonstrate strength.

Not spending more than you have- that takes strength.

Laying down your personal preferences to esteem your spouse’s need is an act of strength.

Sure, we haven’t walked out the above perfectly, but we still aim for the high mark of our Lord Jesus Christ.

And here’s the secret: Abide in Him. Notice that Jesus never said, “Try harder!” He merely asks us to abide, and through the act of abiding, His virtuous nature will define our character as well.

(posted by Renee Beamer)



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