Meet Lee and Debbie Noble!

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Lee and Debbie MBE 20140920The MARRIAGE BUILDING EVENT has much to offer couples in all seasons of marriage. Lee and Debbie will bring a unique and rich contribution in their workshop entitled, Marriage and Family Building.

For many families, Lee and Debbie have been the “go-to couple” when wisdom and advice are needed. They have 27 years experience of serving married couples through the Assemblies of God Marriage Encounter. Over the years, Lee and Debbie have modeled involvement with the goal of godly influence in whatever groups and activities their children have been participants. They continue today to pour into the lives of young people with a united purpose of seeing them make level paths for their feet.

If you and your spouse also desire to encourage spouses and children in their journey, sign up for the MARRIAGE BUILDING EVENT and share in this special time of instruction with Lee and Debbie.

(posted by Renee Beamer)



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