Meet Luke and Ashley Beasley!

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View More: Marriage Building Event wants everyone to benefit from the shared vision of Luke and Ashley Beasley! They have been married for ten years and in business together for the past five years. As wedding and portrait photographers, they spend a great amount of time with grooms and brides who have big dreams for their future. But this active couple doesn’t just make photographic memories for couples, they also avail themselves to help people who want to get out of financial debt. For the past two years, Luke and Ashley have been leading weekly classes on financial freedom, and the results are amazing. Participants are changing their lives by taking control of their money.

Come and glean wisdom from two are are determined to live debt free and to provide a blessed financial legacy for their three children. And, if you and your spouse dream of one day operating a business, plan to benefit from Luke and Ashley’s Saturday morning workshop: United in Business.

(posted by Renee Beamer)


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