Something For Everyone

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The Marriage Building Event team is in awe of God’s orchestrating an incredible weekend for marriages. Everyone will get SOMETHING!

If’s it’s a challenge you need to press in more to God’s love and plan for your marriage, then speakers, Michael and Bonnie Hines, will serve as needed inspiration.

If it’s a night out with your honey enjoying some laughs, then Sean and Kimtrese Slaughter, our weekend fun experts, will champion your quest for hilarity!

If it’s some practical how-to tips you need on dealing with the complexities of relationships, we have many “real couples” who are ready to discuss honest answers.

Look for the upcoming formal introductions of the Marriage Building Event speakers and workshop leaders.

In the meantime, go to “Attend Event” on the menu to register today!

{Did we mention that Childcare is provided? That’s a marriage event with awesome sauce!}

(posted by Renee Beamer)



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